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  • ExpandGeneral Questions:
    • Q: How Do I Navigate Around
        A: Simple, There is navigational Links found at the top of the screen; the left of the screen, and at the bottom part of the screen.
    • ExpandQ: What's a Generator?
        A: A scripted online program that will help you (in this case) unlock your mobile phone! All The Generators on are user friendly (basic) and soon we should have our advanced generators online.
    • ExpandQ: Everything Is Free, Correct?
        A: That's Right, You pay not even a Cent. We let our advertisers pay the ridiculous fees our competition has!
  • ExpandBasic Unlocking:
    • Q: What's An IMEI?
        A: An IMEI is an unique serial code that Every mobile world wide has. It is found by entering *#06# on usually every phone. It is also located behind your phones battery.
    • ExpandQ: What's My Phone Model?
        A: Your Phone model is how the Company you brought it off classifies your phone. For example; the popular 6101 is a type of phone model. To find out your phone model; and to find more information about your phone; simply input *#0000# into your phones home screen.
    • ExpandQ: How Do I Unlock My Phone?
        A: We try to make the process of unlocking as simple as possible; firstly you have to enter your IMEI; this is then Checked if it is genuine. Next, choose your Phone Model. Finally choose your Country; this will then display a list of supported Service Providers in your country to date. Choose your Service Provider Read the TAC and accept, Click Generate.
        The Generator will then display 7 different unlocking codes. We Generally find that the 1st and 7th code return successfully. Input these codes into the Home screen of your phone. It is not required to take out your SIM, some phones such as the 5140i may not unlock if you take out your SIM.
    • ExpandQ: I have My 7 codes, What Do I Do Now?
        A: We suggest using codes +1# and +7#. To get PW+ use the [*] key.
        To Get:
        P: Press * 3 times rapidly
        W: Press * 4 times rapidly
        +: Press * 2 times rapidly
  • ExpandPhone Errors:
    • Q: My Phone Didn't Do Anything!
        A: We find this happens when users have taken out their SIM card and entered the code at the screen that says "Insert Sim Card". Your phone may not respond because it does not know what it is unlocking.
        Try:Boot Your Phone with the SIM card in. In your Home Screen enter the code. If you still get no response; Insert an Unsupported SIM card and boot up your phone. Where is say "Unsupported SIM" press the Right Softkey and enter the Code there.
    • Q: My Phone Returned "Wrong Code"
        A: Wrong code simply means what is says; a Wrong Code. Usually this means the generator has not used the supported method to unlock your phone. Unfortunately; not all service providers think alike; and so there are many methods of locking; thus; many for unlocking. We find that some European Companies use a different method.
        Try: If you Entered both the 1st and 7th code and it returned an error message, descard them and Contact Us.
    • ExpandQ: My Phone Returned "Cannot Undo Restriction"
        A: This error code means that you have used the 5 tries and now cannot be unlocked via code.
        Try: Now, You can only unlock your phone via a cable (not a Data Cable). You may need to visit your local Market for someone who can unlock via a cable. If you need unlocking Equipment, Please Visit Speedy Mobile
    • ExpandQ: My Phone Returned "Not Allowed"
        A: This Means that Has Generated the Correct Code However Your Phone has Reached or Passed the 5 Code Restriction!
        Try: Visit Your Local Market or Look in the Traiding Post For Someone To Flash or Cable Unlock Your Phone! If you choose to Flash Your Phone, Keep Our Unlock Code Handy and Re-enter it when your Phone is Flashed.
    • ExpandQ: My Phone Returned "Code Error"
        A: You may have incorrectly entered your unlock code(s).
        Try: Get a Unsupported SIM card with NO PIN. Insert it into your phone and start your phone. Where is says SIM Unsupported, Press the UNDO key. There enter your +1# or +7# code.
  • ExpandIn Site Errors:
    • Q: The Page Returned an Error, What's Wrong?
        A: The Unlocking Generator checks 3 things. Your IMEI; which is run through a genuine check (more info below). Your Country; which displays the service providers in your country. And Finally to check if you have agreed with the terms and conditions (check the box).
        If everything seems to be fine; please contact us as it may be a browser support issue.
        Try: Looking under your phone's battery for your IMEI, if it differs from the one returned by *#06#, please contact your place of purchase. And/Or using another Browser.
    • ExpandQ: My Page Appears stretched or Incomplete.
        A: This has been tested and appears to happen on Firefox 1.3+.
        Try: Use another Browser (recommended: IE6+)
  • ExpandOther Questions: