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February 09 2011

Collecting of Data will only ever collect information with the users consent, through the unlocking forms provided. This information only includes what has been written within the forms and textboxes. Other wise unlockitfree will never collect any information other then with the users full consent and agreement.
Sometimes we may ask users to allow their details shown on our website for promotional purposes only. This information is treated as sensitive information and will never be shown to any other third parties. We treat the highest amount of care with this information and make sure we never bulk email, or forward email to anyone who has requested our services. Your Information may be used for research purposed and will never ever be used out of conduct.

Email will never disclose your email or your friends email to anyone other then staff. We will never sell or share your email to any third party for gain/profit. We will never spam your email address, and will never issue you emails without request or inquiry.
Your Yahoo/Gmail accounts will not be sent in bulk to respect your friends privacy.

Use Of Personal Information will only use personal information for purposes you have chosen, we will never use this information without your consent.

No sale of personal information
Under no circumstances will sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

Cookies does not purposely use cookies to collect any data. Our advertisers may use cookies to collect minor data such as views or hits on their links. No other data will be collected by advertiser.

Access Of Personal Information
Where holds personal information, you are liable to change this information at anytime. will take steps necessary to change your information to keep it up to date. If you wish to delete all personal information off our database, you may at anytime.

You may contact at anytime to ask or inquire about the privacy policy. If you feel that you are still not protected, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do whatever it takes to insure everyone has peace of mind when using

Changes To The Privacy Policy holds the right to change the privacy policy at any time without prior warning. The privacy policy will always be updated in this page.