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February 09 2011

Instant Unlock Request
Instant Unlock Request are a free service Provided by This service may be only used by the owners phone; no other IMEI process is accepted. When agreeing to the Terms, the phone's unlock request must be that of your own and no other. For Privacy reasons, unlock code should never be sent via internet unsecured communication, and will never be encouraged to do so by Unlockitfree may use your unlock codes for research purposes only. User use at own risk; Unlockitfree will never be held accounted for for incorrect unlock codes supplied by our website. We are NOT to be held responsible for any hard-locks.

Nokia Mobile Phones
When requesting an Unlock Code, agreeing to the TAC will require your phone be free of any inputted codes from other persons/companies. will not be accounted for hard-locking of any mobile device.

Other Mobile Phones
Other Mobile Phones are not Supported by our Services at this time. Asking for other phone unlocks breaches the TAC.

Master Code Request
The Master Code request is only available to the phone's owner. Your IMEI must be that of a Nokia mobile phone and must be valid. will not be held accounted for for incorrect Master Code Processes. By Using the Master Code request you are agreeing to the TAC. Please note, if you do enter to many incorrect security codes, your security code may become unusable and barred.

When you send your email through the websites, it must be valid and in exactly form ([email protected]) otherwise it will be disposed of and ignored. Failure to do so will breech the TAC and holds no in no responsibly for users actions.

JavaScript must be enabled in order to successfully complete the unlocking request. Turning off JavaScript will breach the TAC and your request will not be processed. Continue to re-send the request with JavaScript off may lead in a permanent host/I.P ban.

Technical Support
We have no obligation to continue technical support with user if we can not supply it without charge to There shall be No Special users; all are supported equally.

Offsite Services
Offsite services include webmaster add-ons to Tell-a-friend related services.
 - Webmasters: You are not permitted to edit and of the submission form at all. If breeched, website users will be banned, and Webmaster may be held for copyright infringement laws.
 - Users: Users may use the T-A-F facility to help spread the word; we, however; are not responsible for user infringement, this may include; wrong email, wrong message etc..

The Name 'Nokia' is trademark of the Nokia Corporation. In no way is this website is affiliated to Nokia / Service Networks.

PHP - Serverside
Users are not permitted to copy/breech our PHP serverside. Misconduct may lead to legal enforcement.

Accepting the TAC also requires you accept all content on the Privacy Policy

Changes to The TAC may change the TAC without notice. All changes will be posted here.

All Material Found On is respectful property of their Owner.