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john smith Contact Phone: 3210 Country: U.K
Spot on many thanks worked with 2nd code
Naseerlawan Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Vietnam
sharjeel Contact Phone: 6230i Country: Pakistan
victor Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Mexico
Muy bueno
Adrián Alcón Żurawka Contact Phone: 9300 Country: Spain
Worked fine on a Nokia 9300, THANK U
Mina Contact Phone: 1110 Country: Iran
Master code
peter  Phone: 3310 Country: Croatia
thank you so much. my father in law can only truly use this old phone but he cahnged operator. Now we are back to old school phone ;-)
David Lloyd   Phone: 3310 Country: U.K
Great unlocking service. The code worked first time. Fantastic. would recommend this website to others
Awojirin Tosin Moses Contact Phone: 3120 Country: Ireland
Thanks I got it unlocked free Nokia
Viv  Phone: 6210 Country: U.K
Great service. Got 2 codes. The first one failed but no problem with the second code, unlocked and up and running in minutes. Many thanks.
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