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Steve Wallace Contact Phone: 6060 Country: U.S.A
Just want to say thank you to those responsible for making this information available. Life is expensive and so these kinds of things are very helpful and much appreciated. The first code unlocked my eBay purchased Nokia 6061 on the first try. Awesome!
Daniel Ho  Phone: 8801 Country: Canada
While unlocking my Nokia 8801 from Fido in Canada, I had to choose Roger's as the carrier instead of Fido...then picked the first unlock key. It worked great!
lockyboy  Phone: 6600 Country: U.K
yet again unlockitfree has come good many thanks
kim Contact Phone: 3200 Country: Portugal
thanks guys!!!
Lloyd  Phone: 3120 Country: Philippines
Thanks for unlocking my 3120. I had already failed unlocking it 4 times by using codes calculated by downloaded programs. Then I found this site, entered my IMEI, used code 7, and BINGO, PHONE RESTRICTION OFF. country: Philippines provider: Globe Telecom
lockyboy Contact Phone: 6230i Country: U.K
just used restriction code to unlock 6230i had 1 attempt left took a gamble used code 1 BINGO!!! thanks....again lockyboy
t  Phone: 6230i Country: U.K
excellent - great service - thank you
Leisa  Phone: 3595 Country: U.S.A
I have tried several codes from other sites and none worked. The first code i tried from this site worked. Thanks so much you guys you made my day.
Russell Blackbourn  Phone: 2600 Country: U.K
Brilliant! A shop down the road was going to charge me a fortune to unlock my phone. You guys did it for free and extremely simply. Legends!
Andy Contact Phone: 1600 Country: Trinidad and Tabago
Tried codes for the 3120 but did not work. This time worked with the 1600 on very first try. really appreciate the service. Keep it up!!!!
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