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kim Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Portugal nokia 1100 in unloking.I cab unlock nokia can help me?
darnell upchurch Contact Phone: 6030 Country: U.S.A
i tried the first code it didn't work, so i tried the last one that it told me to try and it work like a charm. thanks very happy
Bob Stoller Contact Phone: 6102 Country: U.S.A
Code 1 worked perfectly the first time. Thank you so much.
adrian fullerton Contact Phone: 6230i Country: U.K
tried unsucessfully to unlock phone with others but could get no was suggested here to insert a different sim card and hey presto. thanks
Hasan  Phone: 6600 Country: U.S.A
Unlocked right away!
Anonymous  Phone: 6010 Country: U.S.A
Thank you for this site!
Hasan  Phone: 9300 Country: U.S.A
Unlocked with the first code! Thanks for this great site guys!
Phil Lambert Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Australia
"Guys!!" Thanks for a great service. We needed a new SIM card due to the old 'phone being misplaced, and we had an old 'phone from another carrier and the carrier wanted heaps to unlock the new card, so to get it for free was a bonus. Keep up the good work, Regards & thanks Phil Lambert
dave Contact Phone: 6111 Country: U.K
hi i just like to say a big thanx for all you r help,its brilliant htanx again
abz  Phone: 6103 Country: U.K
very excenlant service fhnx
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