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Kenny Contact Phone: 3310 Country: U.K
Many Thanks! Unlocked my old original Nokia 3310 with the first code offered. EE wanted £9, plus a wait of 10 days. But please make your Paypal form easier to donate to you.
JC  Phone: 1100 Country: Brazil
No Brasil, funcionou ok para a TIM com o Nokia 1108a. o 1º dos 7 códigos já apareceu a mensagem de restrição desativada. Muito bom!
Govinda  Phone: 3410 Country: Germany
Thank you so much. The best website to unlock phones. I must bookmark this website.
Enrique (from Spain)  Phone: 3410 Country: Spain
In 2018 I have unlocked an old Nokia 3410 from year 2002. This is the first time in 16 years my mum changes TelCo. Many thanks to Unlockitfree_com !! Best regards from Spain
kuba  Phone: 6070 Country: Poland
wszysko działa. dzieki
JL  Phone: 3390 Country: U.S.A
Thank you, very usefull
tohid jamalzada Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Finland
Ramtin Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Hungary
Unlocked mobile nokia1100 Password plez
leila Contact Phone: NGAGE Country: Iran
lock mobile
Ali Nosrati Contact Phone: 6220 Country: Iran
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