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reza Contact Phone: 1100 Country: India
reza Contact Phone: 1100 Country: India
quentin  Phone: 3120 Country: France
After 1 day spent to try to unlock my phone, I was a little disappointed. Then, I found your website, and it was a miracle! Thank you!
JJ  Phone: 6070 Country: Austria
It worked perfectly. unlocked an old nokia I had lying around but locked to the wrong provider...
Amir  Phone: NGAGE Country: Iran
amir Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Hungary
123 Contact Phone: 1100 Country: Finland
raj  Phone: NGAGEQD Country: India
Please tell me sure
Brian  Phone: 3310 Country: U.K
At last a system that works! Very pleased with the result. Many thanks
olivier  Phone: 1600 Country: France
it was ok: my nokia 1600 display "restriction off"after entering the first code +1# .but before you must remove the sim card (france orange operator) thanks you
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