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How To: Simply Enter Your Details as Below and Hit 'Generate', the form will then create 7 different unlocking codes for your phone. FREE!
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    • What's This?
      • This Free Generator will instantly provide you will free unlocking codes for most Nokia Phones.
    • How do I Successfully create Unlock Codes?
      • Simple.  Firstly enter your IMEI, Found by entering *#06# or looking under your phone's battery.  It's exactly 15 digits, make sure it's correct, its extremely important. Secondly your phone model is the way Nokia Classifies your phone. You can find your exact version by entering *#0000#.
      • Finally, Your Country and Service Provider depend on each other. You can only see your Service Provider after selecting your Country. Then Click Generate!
    • Are All Unlocking Codes Different?
      • Yes, All Unlocking codes are different, that's why you must make sure everything is Exact, otherwise it will not work. Please do not use the same code for one phone
    • Can I Add This to my Website?
      • Not Quite Yet, It should Be avalible Soon. Meanwhile, Click Here
    • How Protected Am I?
      • Here at your protection is very important to us. We will never disclose or release any information. However, we may use your information for research purposes ONLY. For More read our Privacy Report.