Unlock Nokia 6120 for Free

Nokia 6120 Features

Unlock Nokia 6120 Free
  • 35 distinctive ring tones
  • Phone book stores up to 199 entries
  • SMS Messaging
  • Less than 6 ounces, only 5.2 inches tall
  • 4 entertaining games
  • Calculator, clock and calendar
  • Currency converter

The Nokia 6120 can be unlocked for free via unlockitfree.com instant remote IMEI DCT4 unlock code Generator! You can successfully unlock your mobile from 500 carriers World Wide - Use our online Nokia DCT3 calculator to Start and unlock your phone within minutes - completely free, safe and legal!


Unlocking using a remote IMEI calculator is a safe and legal way to remove SIM restrictions on your Nokia 6120. Most Non touchscreen Nokia phones have the ability to be unlocked using an online DCT2/3/4 IMEI unlocker tool. This does not require any special equipment or software and can be done for free simply using a calculator online.

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Generate Master Code

A Nokia Master code is a bypass code that allows you to bypass any security codes set by a user on a phone during startup. You simply need to get the IMEI to do this, which can be found on the phone under the battery.

Free Master Reset Security Code