How to Unlock iPhone X, iPhone XS / XR, iPhone 8

The Preferred Method

A Carrier unlock is the preferred method. When you have paid off your phone either at the end of your contract or paid the termination fee, you are eligible for a Carrier unlock

Simply calling your carrier and asking to unlock your phone will work with all iPhones across all versions of iOS, including iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11

This method is the only known way to persist an unlocked iPhone through updates between iOS Versions. All other Unlock Services may break or become blocked by Apple at any time. A Carrier unlocked is linked to your phone's IMEI and is saved on Apple's global Database.

Your iPhone must not have:
  • Any iCloud Lock
  • Find My iPhone Active
  • Carrier IMEI Blacklist

Unlockitfree is working with Carriers to deliver a low-cost IMEI unlock service in 2020.

The R SIM Method

The R SIM Method is a hardware Unlock which can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon: Buy an RSIM Here.

The R Sim Method can is not fool-proof and a lot of users report that it often does not work with their phone. Be sure to select a seller that accepts returns.